Creative arts programme opening up a new world

Lai Yeuk-hei
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and Film Arts (full-time programme) 2014
Founder of a creative arts workshop

‘Life has changed after I entered the University to study creative arts, where I found my paradise. I had the happiest time in my life when I studied at the OUHK.’

Lai Yeuk-hei

​Lai Yeuk-hei set up Ten Fingers Workshop​ while she was a Year 2 student at the OUHK. Since then, she has been using her ten fingers diligently to create a lot of miniature models made of resin clay. When she talked about her creative journey, one would easily be touched by her passion for art. These days, Yeuk-hei would even step out of her workshop from time to time and share her joy of creating artworks by combining her business with community art projects. In the journey to her creative world, studying at the OUHK was an important step that made a big difference in her life.

Turning a new page in creative arts at OU
Ever since the secondary school days, Yeuk-hei has already developed an interest in handicraft but it has never been appreciated by her family. Life has changed after she entered the University to study creative arts, where she found her paradise, ‘I had the happiest time in my life when I studied at the OUHK.’

After taking a number of courses on creative arts, Yeuk-hei has really broadened her horizons. She got inspired to create her own brand by an experience when she attended her visual arts class. She also developed many ideas through writing personal notes required by a creative writing course, during which she got a chance to reorganize the fragments of life. The teachers were also much helpful – they would point out areas for further improvements and even helped her to find the direction in life. ‘My teachers are just like family and their encouragement drives me to continue to produce more creative works.’ She particularly likes to thank Ms Angela Law Tsin-fung and Ms Lai Yuen-ming, teachers of creative arts programmes who have supported her wholeheartedly on the bumpy road of art.

The positive power of art
Among Yeuk-hei’s miniature handicrafts, fish balls and bbq pork buns always are protagonists …… Hong Kong food culture is one of the main themes of her products. When asked about the reasons, she said with a chuckle, ‘I am a food lover, and I think food can remind us of good memories.’ Apart from recording memorable moments, she also uses the power of art to get rid of the negativity. ‘During my study at the OUHK, I spent all the time on my creative works. The experience helped me stay relaxed and overcome depression. Now I would hold art workshops from time to time to bring positive energy into people’s life.’

Now Yeuk-hei is embarking on another journey. She is a student in a master’s programme on visual arts and working on her upcoming solo exhibition. She also works as a teaching assistant at the OUHK. ‘Checking on the students’ homework reminds me of the good old days at the University. I am so happy to be a TA here.’