Athletic Scout to become professional nurse

Janet Kung Tsz-shan
Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care (full-time programme)
Scout of the Year 2015

‘Our teachers are generous in sharing their front-line experiences. Moreover, they tend to set a higher bar for us during clinical simulations than would be required in the actual wards.’

Janet Kung Tsz-shan

Athletic Scout to become professional nurse

Training as a Scout since the age of seven, Janet Kung Tsz-shan exudes an energetic charisma in her unmistakably athletic look. She was named Scout of the Year 2015, proof of her all-round superiority in Scouting activities, academic performance, social services and so on.

When she takes off her Scout uniform, Janet is a student of the full-time nursing programme. She had opted for the OUHK’s nursing programme because of its reputation in the industry, having heard from a doctor-friend that its students are highly regarded in general. Finding dry text hard to digest, she has come up with her own learning strategies: resorting to audio-visual materials, creating graphic handouts and reading lengthy drug names aloud until they are firmly retained in the memory. While the nursing programme combines theory and practice, Janet is particularly fond of the clinical practicums: ‘Hands on experience in a hospital setting is very helpful in preparing us to cope with the real world of nursing.’

Janet admits to being a little nervous to set her hands on such tasks as foley catheter insertion and cleaning wounds in her first practicum, which took place at a public specialist out-patient clinic. Fortunately, thanks to solid pre-practicum training, it went largely hassle-free. ‘Our teachers are generous in sharing their front-line experiences,’ says Janet, ‘Moreover, they tend to set a higher bar for us during clinical simulations than would be required in the actual wards.’ The teachers are no less concerned about students’ personal attributes, emphasizing the virtues of integrity and punctuality: ‘Being late for class for one minute is taken as absent.’ Thus, in times of practicum, Janet would always arrive at the hospital ahead of time to get herself fully prepared, including checking her uniform and looks, to maintain a professional image.

Decade-long Scouting training has allowed Janet to adjust easily to the strict discipline requirements for a nurse. More than that, it inspired her to become an adventure coach and exposed her to the little-known sport of ice climbing. She joined the Hong Kong national ice climbing team as the only female member, earning an impressive 22nd place in world ranking in the speed event along with her teammates. Additionally, she is adept at many other sports, including swimming, diving, volleyball and rugby, and holds multiple professional qualifications. In 2014, she placed third in the women’s beginner division of the Inter-university Sport Climbing Championship.

Scouting and sport training alike have contributed to Janet’s good concentration, agility, independent problem-solving ability and sophisticated communication skills. Moreover, her love of challenges makes her an ideal candidate for the complex and unpredictable nursing work. Now, she is looking forward to practicums in various specialisms, to try and learn as much as she can.