Taking the next step up the ladder

Marco Chan
Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Corporate Governance
(full-time programme)

Intern at Work Loft in Bangkok, Thailand

‘I have learned that we need to develop more thoughtful ideas by taking into account the company’s positioning, and its target audience, to optimise the impact.’

Marco Chan

Taking the next step up the ladder

Working for a co-working space in Bangkok, in Thailand, Marco Chan not only gained some hands-on working experience but was also encouraged to develop innovative ideas for business promotion which were adopted by the host company. Chan joined an offshore internship programme in Bangkok of Thailand and spent a month working for Work Loft. “The co-working space was opened recently, and needed to increase awareness of it among its potential customers. As I have previously taken a marketing course, I suggested that the company should highlight its differentiation to attract customers. I also proposed developing a corporate Facebook page to help lift its profile. The first step was to conduct target research to understand both the market and the competition. This is the first time that I have been able to apply such skills as research in a genuine business environment.”

Chan created Work Loft’s Facebook profile from scratch. As an IT-savvy undergraduate, he understands how to attract the attention of Facebook users. “I wrote posts on the company’s services and facilities and uploaded them onto its Facebook profile. My suggestion was to highlight the humourous aspects of the co-working space because I believed this approach would be effective in attracting likes from Facebook users and potential customers of Work Loft. The company was willing to adopt my ideas.” 

In addition to the Facebook profile, Chan’s marketing solutions included organising events in the co-working space so that people would come to experience the atmosphere and use the facilities. “Eventually, we held handicraft workshops featuring celebrity craftsmen,” he recalls. “We believed this was essential for building up traffic, and that users would spread positive word of mouth for us.”

Work Loft is managed by a group of young and energetic executives under the direction of a manager from Australia. “I enjoy the atmosphere, where everyone is open-minded about new ideas,” Chan says. “I think I have learned to be more proactive in making suggestions. I have proved to myself that I can deliver results.”

(Source: Classified Post, SCMP)