Our Student Experience

The OUHK has close to 20,000 students on campus, with half of them enroll in our full-time programmes and another half continue to upgrade themselves through part-time learning. We have more than 40 student societies offering array of activities, filling our campuses with vibrant life.

Learning Experiences Outside Classroom

The OUHK emphasizes the practical side of learning in addition to theoretical knowledge. Students go out of the classroom to put what they have learnt into practice. Placements/internships are integral to programmes such as testing and certification, nursing and hospitality management. The University also goes to great lengths to line up internship opportunities for students of various programmes. Apart from local programmes, overseas schemes are offered to help students broaden their horizons and develop a global vision.

For example, in 2017, the OUHK developed the ‘YIC x OUHK Internship Programme in Newly Industrialized Country – Vietnam’ in collaboration with the Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council, and worked with the Hong Kong Shanghai Youth Association to offer a Shanghai-Hong Kong Future Leaders Internship Programme.

OUHK students have left their footprints all over the world also through exchange tours and immersion programmes, some organized by Schools and others by external parties.  In 2017-18 alone, our students have paid nearly 1,400 visits to over 85 cities, and the University arranged more than 2,600 internship opportunities for students in Hong Kong and abroad.

Accolades For Our Brilliance

To cultivate students’ personal growth, the OUHK encourages students to take part in competitions. In recent years, students have shown off their talents on local and international stages. Examples include:

Creative Arts graduates won the 54th Golden Horse Awards for Best Animated Short Film with their graduation work “Losing Sight of a Longed Place”
Cinematic Design and Photographic Digital Art student won several prestigious photography awards, namely Hong Kong section of 2016 Sony World Photography Awards; Royal Observatory Greenwich 2016 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year Award; National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest 2016 – Cities category.
A team of business students grabbed Championship and Best Presenter Award in HKICPA’s QP Case Analysis Competition
Science and business teams won Second and Third Class Awards in the local and national ‘Challenge Cup’ competitions
Education student won Gold Award in the Outstanding Prospective Teacher Award

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