OUHK in the Community

OUHK Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare

The OUHK’s growth over the years has always been driven by community demand for our services. In face of challenges brought by an aging population and the growing pressure on healthcare services in Hong Kong, we have decided to embark on a new campus development project – the OUHK Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare – to train up the much-needed manpower of our society, and the help build a healthier and better Hong Kong.

The new Institute will not only be home to the University’s health-related programmes; the OUHK goes further to turn it into a hub to connect the community, academic and private sectors in promoting Hong Kong as a healthy city. The institute will nurture greatly needed professionals in special needs education, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and sports management in addition to nursing, while at the same time transfer knowledge and skills to NGOs in service of elderly citizens and those in need. 

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Our Research

In the same spirit of serving the community, the OUHK runs five research institutes (Institute for Research in Innovative Technology and Sustainability; Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities; Institute for Research in Open and Innovative Education; Research Institute for Bilingual Learning and Teaching; Institute of International Business and Governance), as loci of applied research and platforms of knowledge transfer and academia-industry exchanges. Research of these institutes focuses on areas that are of practical value to society. Every year, conferences, symposiums, seminars and lectures are held, inviting local and international academics and industry practitioners to share their findings, insights and experiences. Some of the seminars and lectures are open to the public. Alongside them, the Tin Ka Ping Centre of Chinese Culture promotes understanding of Chinese culture through public activities such as cultural salons and lectures.

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Great Speakers Series and Knowledge for All

Under the Great Speakers Series, the OUHK invites prominent speakers to give public lectures on campus. We also share knowledge with the public via our Knowledge for All Sunday morning broadcasts on TVB Pearl, which feature recordings of the Great Speakers Series lectures, among other educational programmes.

Community Services

The OUHK takes active part in voluntary services. The OUHK Volunteer Team collaborates with NGOs in helping children, teenagers, elderly and minority groups like the new arrivals, for example. Every summer, service tours formed by staff and students pay visits to mainland villages, sending warmth to children and the elderly. The presence of our nursing staff and students is frequently found in events where first-aid service is needed. Their efforts have been recognized by the Social Welfare Department’s Gold Award for Volunteer Service (Organization).

The Capacity Building Mileage Programme

The Capacity Building Mileage Programme (CBMP) was pioneered by the Women’s Commission, and run jointly by OUHK LiPACE and the Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited. The CBMP is designed to encourage women of different backgrounds and educational levels to pursue lifelong learning and self-development. It aims to equip women with a positive mindset and to enhance their inner strength so that they can cope with different life challenges. The CBMP offers a wide range of face-to-face, e-Learning and radio courses.

The Elder Academy of OUHK

The Elder Academy of OUHK (EAOU) was founded in 2009 with the support of the Labour and Welfare Bureau and the Elderly Commission. The EAOU is operated by LiPACE, providing continuing education opportunities to senior citizens and fostering a sense of accomplishment among them in their retirement lives.